Load Distribution

What does Load Distribution Mean?

Definition of Load Distribution in Construction

The term load distribution is the spreading out of a load over a larger area.

Load distribution is a key element in the design of a structural member. The design of footings, foundation walls, slabs on grade, pile caps, grade beams, are all designed to distribute a load. The design capability of soils is important for the structural engineer to understand the engineering requirements required to distribute the structures load, down to the surface of the earth.

All loads, eventually, have to reach the surface of the site, or the foundations designed to support the load. The proper and economical distribution of the structural loads is essential for the success of the structure and the basic goal of all structural engineers. Distribute the load, if the foundation is big enough, the load can be large and aggressive. If the foundation is too small or too fragile, the load will not be distributed and there will be failure.