Line and Grade

What is Line and Grade?

Definition of Line and Grade in Construction
Term used in surveying for the layout of a project. Both the elevations and the line of the building walls, foundations, utilities, etc. are determined and referenced by line and grade.

In site work, this term is universally used to establish the elevation and the line ( route ) of piping systems such as storm and sanitary structures and systems. The line and grade of roadways along with the utilities constructed within them are established by line and grade. Profiles showing the grade of sanitary and storm systems are common depictions on site work documents.

The term, line and grade, is universal terminology and its specific definition can mean different things around the country. It is important to clearly identify the terms meaning, when issuing contracts, and developing scopes of work.

A site work contractor may indicate that they are professionals at establishing line and grade, this professionalism should be clearly discussed and analyzed with the site engineer to ensure all parties are referencing the same thing.