Light Metal Framing (LMF)

What is Light metal framing (LMF) ?

Definition of Light metal framing (LMF ) in Construction
Light metal framing consists of metal framing, similar in layout and design to wood stick framing, but utilizing light metal.

A structural engineer would normally be required to design the specific pieces of light metal, required to comply with the structural requirements of the project. The use of LMF results in a strong and fire proof structure, that will not be subjected to deterioration, rot, or insects.

The use of metal requires connections of either screws, welds, or special connection hardware specifically developed for LMF. As LMF continues to become a popular method of construction, different hangers, connectors and specialized products are being introduced. The use of a metal system of framing creates more aligned walls and ceilings and allows perfectly flat and level projects. The use of metal eliminates all the various deviations and inconsistencies that are typical of wood construction.