Leveling Plate

What is Leveling Plate

Definition of Leveling Plate in Construction

A leveling plate is used under a structural steel column or other type of construction element that must be erected both level and plumb. Many times, in construction, anchor bolts must be embedded within the concrete to secure the structural column, or another construction element that requires attachment to the concrete. It is difficult if not impossible to place the concrete accurately enough, to allow the erection of a column, or other piece of the assembly straight and plumb immediately on the concrete. In addition, the embedment of the anchor bolts in many instances causes the surface of the concrete to present an uneven surface. In these instances the use of a leveling plate is instrumental in the proper erection and attachment of the column to the top of the concrete surface. The leveling plate is installed separately with non-shrink grout, prior to the erection of the structural item. In this manner, the base of the structural item is directly placed on the leveling plate, ensuring a flat, level erection. The success of a project is in many instances the result of accurately installing the leveling plates for all of the important structural elements of the project.