What is a Level?

Definition of Level in Construction
An instrument used to establish a level line, for use on site, to layout elevation or assist in the erection or installation of construction components.

The level has developed substantially from a fully optical instrument to laser instruments with digital controls and readouts. The use of a level has been a universal requirement on all construction projects and the ability to properly set up and level the instrument has become a requirement for all trades on the project. The use of interior levels to ensure that finishes are installed properly has also advanced. There are revolving light levels that are coordinated with receiving equipment to offer an audible sound when reading level. Revolving levels are used for the installation of hung ceilings, ceramic tile installations, drywall installation, etc. In the renovation marketplace the level is used to establish any deviations that existing finishes or construction components may exhibit. In this manner, the correction of older finishes that may not be as level as expected or required can be corrected. Level is a common construction parameter and is used as a control point on the majority of construction projects.