What is LEED?

Definition of LEED in Construction

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. LEED certification is a goal of most commercial construction projects, both in the US and worldwide.

LEED is the most popular Green Building Certification system throughout the world. Starting in 1994 the LEED certification has evolved to now require extensive training to become LEED certified and identifies a scoring system for projects constructed under the LEEDs program. The scoring of the project can be one of (4) levels, Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum certification is possible, depending upon the actual scoring of the project. Scoring is based upon the materials used to construct the project, as well as energy considerations such as solar, radiant heating, etc.

LEED certification will increase the cost of the architectural and engineering services required for the project as well as the project costs. The energy usage of the project will be more economical if the project is constructed as a LEEDs project. In addition to cost, the difficulty in procurement of materials and products could be difficult or impossible due to location of the project and the corresponding materials specified for the project.