Leaf Guard

What is Leaf Guard

Definition of Leaf Guard in Construction

A leaf guard is any specialized component of a gutter system that prevents or discourages the accumulation of leaves within the gutter system. There are several different makes and models of leaf guards and they all have a specific function. In some instances, the leaf guard will cover the entire top of the gutter system and allow only water to enter, due to a system of openings designed to stop leaves and debris, and allow water to enter. In other systems, the leaf guard is simply a surface that is raised up, just prior to the top opening of the gutter system, to catch the leaves and debris, prior to the waterfall effect of the water into the top of the gutters. Other leaf guards are simply screening that covers the top of the gutter. Periodic maintenance of all of the leaf guard systems is required to ensure that they remain functional and not obstructed.