What is Leader

Definition of Leader in Construction

The leader portion of a gutter and leader assembly is the vertical means of discharging the water accumulated by the gutter system. In most instances, a leader is constructed of wood, aluminum, vinyl or steel. The leader will directly drop, vertically down from the discharge point of a gutter, which is normally pitched towards the leader. The ends of the leader will, in many cases be hard piped to a storm system or directly into a dry well, which is an excavation filled with permeable material such as stone. In other situations, the water or fluid could discharge to what is referred to as daylight, with a splash guard in place to distribute the water from the end of the leader. Normally a leader is associated with the exterior of a structure, along the eaves of a roof pitch; however, the term leader is also used to identify any element that is constructed to eliminate the water or fluid within a gutter system. This could occur within the structure or even away from the structure.