What is Landscape

Definition of Landscape in Construction

Landscape in the construction industry, is anything that contributes to the plantings, grading, lawn areas, as well as any specialized horticulture work that occurs around a construction project. Landscaping in the commercial construction marketplace is like the proper frame on a painting. The design and selection of the landscaping that surrounds a construction project is normally managed by the hiring of an independent consultant called a Landscape Architect that is assigned to the development and creative design of the exterior, and sometimes the interior landscaping of a project. The proper selection of trees, plants, shrubs and ground cover must be properly coordinated and managed by the Landscape Architect. Landscaping is an important element to the overall presentation of the entire project to the public. In many cases the residential marketplace does not spend the money nor the time required to properly coordinate and manage the landscaping around a residential home. Unfortunately this detail is left to the homeowner or the contractor as they complete the project. Residential planners and architects should devote more time to properly landscaping their projects, to maximize the appeal of the home from the exterior.