Landscape Architect

What is Landscape Architect

Definition of Landscape Architect in Construction

The Landscape Architect is the professional individual that is assigned to the creative layout and selection of the plants, shrubs, trees and ground covering, to be used in the landscaping of a commercial or residential construction project. In recent years, the Landscape Architect has become a very important element to the success of a project. Like the frame around a painting, creative and professional landscaping is essential to the proper presentation of the construction project, from the exterior of the structures. A Landscape Architect is trained to select the proper landscaping materials that will flourish in the climate of the project, and will require the least maintenance and care. Together with the Civil Engineer or Sitework Engineer, the Landscape Architect will coordinate all of the exterior elevations, the hardscape surfaces, as well as any specialized landscaping presentations that are required to properly and professionally frame the construction project.