What is Laminate

Definition of Laminate in Construction

The term laminate in construction means to glue or attached various surfaces together to create a larger, stronger material due to the interaction of each laminated surface with the others. The proper use of laminated pieces to produce a larger, stronger material is usually an engineered application, which is coordinated to ensure that the stranding of each laminate is glued perpendicular with the adjacent piece. This procedure will place the different pieces in direction orientations to allow a stronger resulting product. In other instances, the term is meant as the application of a covering material over the top of a substrate, to produce a finished product. This could be the application of a plastic laminate over a substrate to produce a countertop or other product. To laminate is to glue directly to the entire surface of a substrate. Laminate is used extensively in construction, and will always mean the application of putting two or more products directly together.