Knox Box

What is a Knox Box?

Definition of Knox Boxes in Construction

A knox box is a special box, mounted to the exterior of a structure, for the building key to be located.

This box can only be opened by the local fire department and has a key that opens the box that is specially prepared for the specific fire jurisdiction . The knox box can be ordered from the www.Knoxbox .com website, and is set up to specifically identify the city or town that the box is set up for.

The installation of the knox box is normally 6 feet above the exterior grade, and in a position that is selected by the local fire marshal. The contractor should notify the fire marshal that the exact positioning of the knox box is needed prior to installation. It is always better to involve the local fire marshal in this decision, instead of merely installing the knox box where it seems logical. Sometimes logic is in the eyes of the beholder and not necessarily a universally held concept.

The idea of the knox box is to provide a key to the fire department, instead of forcing the entry into the building with axes or other means. In many cases the need to enter the building might be from a false alarm, or not a situation that justifies the destroying of the structure. Why cause damage to the entry doors if it is not necessary? Having the key available to only the designated fire department makes any destructive entry unnecessary.