Keyed Cylinder Lock

What is a Keyed Cylinder Lock?

Definition of Keyed Cylinder Lock in Construction
Cylinder lock that is operated by a key, as opposed to a simple thumb turn, lever or button used to activate the lock. A keyed cylinder lock is a common exterior lockset for a residence and commercial structure. The use of the key and cylinder allows the replacement of either one or both without the need to replace the actual door lock. A keyed cylinder allows access to only individuals that have a key designated to them and allows the changing of the cylinders, if the original key is compromised. A keyed cylinder lockset is also used on interior doors that require security. This security is managed and coordinated by the distribution of certain keys to different employees or residents of the structure. A keyed cylinder lock is also compatible with what is called a master key system that allows the use of a master key to operate all the locksets and different levels of keys to allow more select access.