What is Jointing?

Definition of Jointing in Construction
The process of smoothing out the exposed face of a mortar joint.

The term jointing is the application of a tool against the rough outer surface of a freshly laid bed of mortar, and sliding the tool over the joint to produce a smooth joint. There are different jointing tools that are used to create different profiles of surfaces on the joints. The jointing could be deep, it could be shallow, the joint could be raised similar to a bead, or it could be a vee joint. The surface appearance of the masonry joints is dependent upon the architectural look required. The skill of the mason is important to the final result of the finish on the joint, skilled , experienced masons can produce even and consistent joints that all match throughout the project.

The most difficult aspect of proper jointing is consistency in the appearance ,due to the varying pressure applied to the jointing tool. This is the reason that on some projects where the joint appearance is critical the same mason is in charge of jointing the entire project.