Jerry Rigged (jury rigged)

What is Jerry Rigged (jury rigged)

Definition of Jerry Rigged (jury rigged) in Construction

This term is used in the construction industry far too many times. To jerry rig a situation or a construction activity, is to normally short cut the activity by introducing a creative method, or material that is not normally attributed to this construction activity. Unfortunately in many instances this causes a safety issue or hazard, and jerry rigged solutions or accommodations are not normally recommended on construction projects. However, the creativity of professional contractors to achieve a goal is extremely valuable when there are difficult and seemingly impossible challenges to meet. Normally the term jerry rigged, infers a negative attempt to solve a problem by using a material or a product that is not intended to be used for the specific purpose. For example the use of a 5 gallon taping compound pail to stand on, instead of the proper ladder, or the use of a rag on a stick to apply paint or stain on a hard to reach area of the ceiling. All professional contractors, as well as not so professional individuals involved in the construction practice, will have stories and funny observances of jerry rigged solutions to problems on the site. In some cases, this term is spelled jury rigged; however, whichever way you spell it, they both mean the same, basically developing a method that is unorthodox and not industry standards.