Invitation to Bid (ITB)

What is Invitation to Bid (ITB)?

Definition of Invitation to bid (ITB) in Construction
Invitation to bid. A document established by a contractor, architect or owner, that invites bidders to provide proposals on a specific project.

The invitation to bid normally includes an invitation, which identifies the project, name and when the bid is due, the instruction to bidder, which lists all the special qualifications and instructions for the particular project a project schedule as well as project scope and finally the bid form. The intent of the ITB is to provide the same information to all prospective bidders, offering the most balanced presentation of the project. This consistency is intended to ensure that the bidders are all presented the same information which is consistent and detailed, allowing true competitive bidding. The ITB is an important document within the project specifications and will be a part of the final construction contract. The ITB is customized by the party issuing the ITB to represent what the bid should include, and how the project will be constructed. There are many instances where the information supplied within the ITB is resurrected, long after the project has been awarded to settle a dispute or prove a specific objective of the project, had been communicated to all parties.