Intumescent Paint

What is Intumescent Paint?

Definition of Intumescent Paint in Construction
Relatively new product, designed to appear like a normal coat of paint, but engineered to oxidize when heated into a layer of protective fireproofing.

This type of process allows designers and architects to specify a painted appearance that will react when required to provide the engineered fire rating for steel construction. Intumescent paint is specified in mill thicknesses, depending upon the degree of fire proofing required. Fire proofing is determined by hours, to apply a one hour rating is less of a fire proofing requirement than a two hour rating. Basically , the hourly determination is the amount of time the fireproofed component will withstand the heat and fire and not yield. The underwriters laboratory ( UL ) labeling is an organization that test the fireproofing systems under controlled conditions. These tests are conducted within the supervision and direction of the underwriting lab. The lab is a recognized and approved testing facility and will rate each type of fireproofing system. Intumescent paint is produced by a number of manufacturers and must be applied at the correct mill thickness to comply with the required rating. Jobsite inspection is performed to ensure that the thickness of the paint is in accordance with the specified fire rating. Intumescent paint is a costly alternative to the common spray fireproofing, however it allows the architects and engineers to fire proof components without the heavy space consuming spray fireproofing.