Interior Casing

What is an Interior Casing?

Definition of Interior Casing in Construction
Interior trim around the window or door opening, installed to cover the interface of the window or door framing and the interior wall surface. Normally consisting of a wood material and installed by a finish carpenter. The interior casing could include jamb, head, window sill, apron, etc. The interior casing is normally an architectural feature of the home or structure and is carefully designed by the architect or interior designer. Interior casing can be wood, vinyl, metal or other synthetic materials and is usually finished per the interior designers requirements. The proper installation method of interior casing is to pack the perimeter of the window, door or other construction element that has been installed in the wall with insulation to ensure that the perimeter is sealed from any air flow. This is important to establish an energy saving criteria and to comply with all insulation and energy codes. Once the perimeter of the openings are packed and sealed, the casing, whatever type is installed over the insulation, to cover the interface and protect the corners of the wall surface as well as the element installed within the wall itself.