Interceptor Piping

What does Interceptor Piping Mean?

Definition of Interceptor Piping in Construction

This term refers to any type of pipe that intercepts another drainage pipe, or intercepts water prior to its final destination.

For example, interceptor piping over the top of a landfill membrane, intercepts the drainage water that would otherwise sit on the top of the membrane. The interceptor piping is engineered to allow the continuous flow of water off the top of the membrane, and directs this water in the appropriate direction to exit the top of the landfill. The interceptor piping, intercepts the water. This can occur as a trench drain, which is an interceptor piping scheme. The trench drain will intercept the water flow, prior to it reaching any impervious structure and accumulating. The term can also be used for the system of drainage piping under the slab on grade, or the system of piping under a athletic field. Any interceptor system of piping, that catches water or a fluid prior to a negative end result, is referred to as interceptor piping.