Insta Hot

What is Insta Hot?

Definition of Insta hot in Construction
Electrical appliance or device that will supply hot water instantly in a kitchen, bathroom, or other sink installation.

The insta hot, is a common appliance within higher end kitchens and will produce water hot enough to make a cup of tea. The apparatus installs below the countertop and services, in normal cases, one faucet at a time. The use of an insta hot eliminates the length of time required for a standard, hot water domestic system, to heat up and deliver hot water to the faucet. If the hot water has not been recently used, in a standard system, the water in the hot water lines has cooled off, therefore the opening of the hot water faucet will produce cool water as the heated water from the hot water tank pushes the cooler water through the system. The insta hot eliminates this issue.