Inspection Card

What is an Inspection Card?

Definition of Inspection Card in Construction
This is a card presented by the building department of a Town or City, that is required to be posted at the jobsite.

This card represents an acknowledgement of a series of inspections required by the local building department, to ensure that the construction project has been constructed in accordance with all building department standards and requirements. The issuance of a building permit indicates that the building department has reviewed the plans and specifications. Once the plans and specifications have been evaluated and approved, the building officials will identify the inspections required to be done on the project. The contractor calls the building department to schedule inspections of the project as required. The individual inspectors will acknowledge the inspections on the inspection card located on the construction project. If there are issues that must be corrected, these issues are noted on the inspection card, if the inspection was clean and approved, this approval will be listed on the card. At the end of the project, the inspection card will be used to issue the final Certificate of Occupancy for the project.