What is Incline

Definition of Incline in Construction

The term incline is an important characteristic in sitework and piping installation. The incline of a slope is important to ensure that the integrity of the slope will be maintained over the life of the construction project. Engineers will calculate the ability of site materials to stabilize themselves and remain stationary on inclines. The incline is measured in degrees of angle from the horizontal, and will indicate the ability of the site to sustain its surfaces around the construction project. The incline of a slope will determine what method of slope stabilization will be used, and whether the slope will require synthetic or simple landscaping techniques to establish stability. Incline is also very important in terms of the slopes of piping trenches and any excavations below grade. OSHA ( Occupational Safety and Health Agency) will determine the maximum incline allowed for certain depth trenches and excavations. This incline is a safety factor, due to the inability of soil to remain static at inclines greater than a certain percentage from the horizontal.