Hydro Seeder

What is Hydro Seeder?

Definition of Hydro Seeder in Construction
The hydro seeder is a piece of equipment that is specially designed to mix grass seed, mulch, fertilizers and water in a tank, combined with a spray apparatus, that allows the spraying of the mixture out over the area to be landscaped.

The benefits of hydro seeding is the ability to cover substantial square footage of grass with the spray application. In addition to the coverage, the ability to reach difficult areas, such as steep gradients is a benefit of hydro seeding. The process of adding mulch to the mix as well as the ability to spread the mixture evenly over the landscaped areas, adds to the benefits of hydro seeding. Hydro seeding is especially valuable when there are earth retainer systems being used. such as a fabric designed to stabilize slopes and areas of high erosion potential. The force of the hydro seeder can be used to shoot the seed mix down into the fabric, establishing a stable surface for erosion prevention. Hydro seeding reduces the amount of water required to produce germination. The use of water in the application as well as the mixing of mulch with the seed . produces a matting effect ,that will remain hydrated for longer periods of time when compared to standard seeding techniques.