Hurricane Proof Glass

What is Hurricane Proof Glass?

Definition of Hurricane Proof Glass in Construction
As with bullet proof glass that resists the forces of a bullet, hurricane proof glass is a specially designed and manufactured glass developed to withstand hurricane force winds and rain. In many instances hurricane proof glass is also designated as Miami Dade glass, named after the area of the country that has required this type of glass for several years. Hurricane proof glass is an assembly of several layers of glass, fused together with special layering of sheathing to accommodate the pressures and impact which occurs with hurricane force winds and rain. In addition, the design of an entire hurricane proof window systems, involves the design and construction of heavy framing members and support pieces. Hurricane proof glass is much more expensive than normal glass and requires special manufacturing of the products. Architects are constantly attempting to design open glass features and full visibility as well as comply with the hurricane codes. This is difficult due to the fact that hurricane resistant glass and systems require substantial heavy framing and supporting structure to comply with the stringent codes. FEMA ( Federal Emergency Management Administration ) is constantly increasing the areas that will require hurricane panels and sheathing. This is increasing the need for manufacturers to develop hurricane resistant glass and framing that comply with architectural and structural requirements.