Hung Ceiling (or dropped ceiling)

What is Hung Ceiling (or dropped ceiling) ?

Definition of Hung ceiling (or dropped ceiling ) in Construction
Type of ceiling that is hung from the floor above.

This type of ceiling is typical for residential renovations, commercial buildings or industrial offices. The hung ceiling allows a lower finish ceiling than simply exposing the bottom of the floor above, provides space for mechanical, electrical and sprinkler piping, ductwork and wiring, and provides a return air plenum if the HVAC design has utilized this concept. The hung ceiling is normally an economical means of creating a finish ceiling and provides a grid for hanging light fixtures. The ceilings are comprised o a grid system, normally aluminum, that assembles into a grid system with consistent dimensions for drop panels. Drop panels of gypsum, wood, synthetic or other material are then simply dropped in the ceiling to complete the installation. The use of the drop ceiling is a popular method of covering over exposed insulation in the basement of a residential home and can provide an easy, economical, finished look to areas that have difficult ceiling situations to hide. In some instances, insulation is simply laid down on top of the ceiling grid system to provide an insulated ceiling. Wire mesh is used to suspend this insulation over the hung ceiling, if the architect or designer does not want the insulation directly on the grid system.