Hose Bib

What is a Hose Bib?

Definition of Hose Bib in Construction

A hose bib is a special water fitting that has a threaded male connection to accommodate the female end of a hose connection. There are special hose bibs that are designed to ensure that the connection does not freeze, due to cold weather. A hose bib can be installed anywhere within the home, or on the exterior of the home. The connection can be to the hot or the cold water, and can also be attached to a mixing valve that will combine both hot and cold water to produce a temperate flow of water from the hose bib. When designing a home, it is best to position hose bibs in several locations around the home, to accommodate the need to water the lawn or use water for other purposes around the perimeter of the home. A hose bib located in the garage and the basement is also practical to accommodate the need for water through a hose, at any location within and on the exterior of the home.