What is a Hinge ?

Definition of Hinge in Construction
A hinge is a mechanism that connects normally a door, window or other construction element, to either a frame or a cabinet of some type. There are several different types of hinges and their uses are varied. The term hinge can also be used to identify a type of movement that allows one panel or element to swing or bend in relationship to another. The swinging capability together with the physical connection of the two pieces make up a hinged connection. In structural design a hinged connection does not develop any moment forces on the connection. The connection is allowed to move and rotate to prevent any development of internal forces due to pressure or forces on the other construction member. Hinges can be designed to accommodate a full rotation of 180 degrees or they can be limited to swing any degree of this full rotation. Normally, the term hinge, if used within the construction industry, means a rotation without separation.