Head (Window And Door)

What is a Head (Window And Door)?

Definition of Head (Window And Door) in Construction
Top of a window or door. The jamb is the sides of the opening and the sill is the bottom. The term head, is in many instances used to describe the top of any construction element, and not necessarily just windows and doors. The head of a door or window is usually structurally stabilized with a header that is constructed of wood, steel, masonry or another structural product. The head of any opening is the entire depth of the piece of wall that occurs between the top of the window and the next construction element, such as the ceiling. This term head should not be mixed up with the hydraulic meaning of the word which typically identifies the amount of feet that a column of water has filled a tube, the ground or any other vessel that can contain a quantity of water. This term for head is quantified by a pressure relationship of pounds per square inch .