HDPE (high density polyethylene pipe)

What is HDPE (high density polyethylene pipe)

Definition of HDPE (high density polyethylene pipe) in Construction

HDPE is an abbreviation of high density polyethylene pipe. This pipe is commonly used in sitework for stormwater and sanitary discharge. More durable than standard PVC ( poly-vinyl chloride ) piping, HDPE piping has become the, go to, pipe material for most underground piping systems. Extremely strong, the pipe has an ability to withstand extreme pressure from the surrounding material, which makes this pipe, perfect for applications where there is a heavy burden of traffic, overburden or possible compressive forces down on the top of the pipe. In most applications, this piping is connected with gasket connections, and is easily cut in the field to accommodate most custom requirements. There are special applications, where epoxy resin is used to fuse the piping together for high pressure waterlines or fire protection services. HDPE piping is readily available across the world and has taken the place of steel pipe in many instances.