What is Handing?

Definition of Handing in Construction
Descriptive term used to identify the location of the hinges, strike, and swing or slide direction of a door or window. Handing is important to understand when ordering frames, doors and windows, and will clearly identify to the distributor, all of the necessary information required to properly order a window or door, which functions in accordance with the intended purpose and design. The best method of identifying the basic handing of a swinging door is to place your back against the hinge side of the door, and dependent upon which arm represents the swing of the door, will indicate the swing of the door. If your right hand resembles the door swing, then this is a right handed door and frame, if the left represents the door, it is a left handed door and frame. More sophisticated identification that indicates the location of the hardware, the side of the door that is lockable is referenced as left hand reverse, right hand reverse, etc. It is best, when ordering doors and windows, that a professional consultant or distributor be used to ensure that the doors and windows are coordinated and properly ordered. I have witnessed some of the most experienced construction professionals become confused with the proper identification of the handing of a door or window.