Handicap Ramp

What is Handicap ramp?

Definition of Handicap ramp in Construction
A ramp that is required for all handicap accessible facilities, sidwalks, etc.

The ramp must be a maximum slope of 1 on 12 which means the ramp can only rise up 1 inch in every foot of run. If the porch that the ramp is accessing is 24 inches above the grade, the ramp must be 24 feet in length. This requirement is the reason that many handicap ramps have what is referred to as a return, or a double back, involved. This means that a 24 foot ramp could require 2 pieces parallel to one another of 12 feet.

Handicap ramps are also found at all highway crossings or curb cuts, where there is a sidewalk on either side of the intersection. The construction of handicap ramps is extremely important, due to the necessity that they are all constructed consistently, and with the skill and care required for handicap individuals to use.

The proper positioning of handicap ramps is the architects responsibility and the building code strictly enforces the location as well as construction of handicap ramps. There are several companies that offer aluminum ramps that can be purchased over the internet by specifying the height required for the ramp to access.

Pictures of Handicap Ramps

handicap ramp
entrance to restaurant
handicap ramp
handicap ramp
short handicap ramp