What is Hammering

Definition of Hammering in Construction

The term hammering is used within the construction industry in various contexts. The most obvious is the actual hammering or pounding of a hammer. However, this descriptive term is also used to identify the sound that is made within water or steam lines that have air entrapped within their systems. The presence of air within a water or steam system will cause a hammering of the pipes, which is basically a banging that occurs as the air is forced through the systems. A piping system that is not secured properly will demonstrate more hammering than a system that is well secured and anchored to the substrate supporting the piping systems. Hammering is also a term that is used to demonstrate the repeated striking of a surface by a piece of equipment, to either break up a material, or provide an architectural surface with the appearance of repeated chips or depressions on the surface as caused by the striking procedure. There are many different pieces of equipment that will provide a hammering effect on a material, such as a jack hammer, a reciprocating hammer or simply a masonry hammer.