H Hinge

What is an H Hinge?

Definition of H Hinge in Construction
Type of hinge that looks like an H. The two ends of the pivoting hinge arm, are basically flat or decorative stock that are shaped like long rectangles. These plates are attached to the opposing pieces that are being hinged together to allow a hinge connection to be established between the two pieces. the arm is in many instances, like the barrel hinge, made of stainless steel. The use of H hinges are common in high end millwork and cabinetry. In many instances a decorative embossing is used to decorate the visible portion of the hinge. Sometimes the term strap hinges is also used, however the strap hinge is normally a horizontal plate and not a vertical plate or connection piece. H hinges allow the overall connection to the millwork to be structurally competent due to the length of the plate bearing on the millwork. Screws are used to fasten this type of hinge onto the material and the installation is a surface installation.