What is a Guard?

Definition of a Guard in Construction

The term guard has many meanings and uses in the construction industry. The descriptive term of guard, basically means something that is installed, or exists to protect and ensure the safety of an individual or operator of a piece of equipment or a tool. All updated and modern tools are equipped with guards that are designed to protect the individual using the tool. Construction equipment is equipped with guards to protect the operator as well as the individuals that are working in the proximity of the piece of equipment. Guard is also used to describe the various protective devices and coverings that are installed on a construction projects for the safety and protection of the occupants of the building, or the maintenance crews, working on the mechanical of electrical equipment within the building. OSHA known as the (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has mandated that special guards are mounted on equipment and tools, failure to properly provide these guards will incur a fine to the responsible party.