What is Grout?

Definition of Grout in Construction
Masonry product that is used to fill concrete block, or used as a masonry filler for other types of applications requiring a hard masonry product that is capable of flowing into voids or openings.

The use of grout has expanded due to the increase in earthquake codes and requirements. There are several design applications where the entire interior of a block wall must be filled with grout and reinforcing steel. Grout is also used to fill voids that have been caused by settlement or the undermining of concrete slabs on grade, or failures within other masonry structures. Grouts are also used to infill old wells, borings and mines shafts. The use of grout as a flow able material is important in the stabilization of structures as well as pavements and hard surfaces. For example, the use of grout injection was the technique originally used to stabilize the leaning Tower of Pisa.