Grout Injection

What is a Grout Injection?

Definition of Grout Injection in Construction
The use of grout pumped under tremendous pressure is grout injection.

Due to the flow able characteristics of structural grout and its ability to be pumped, the use of grout injection to solve structural problems has developed. Grout injection can produce incredible pressures and these pressures can be used to force material into small and varied cracks, crevasses and openings. The cracking of precast structural components are in many cases, repaired with grout injection. The stabilization of structures such as the Tower of Pisa is a famous example of stabilization by use of a grout injection technique. Earthquake repairs are commonly performed with grout injection. The ability to inject under pressure and the ability of the material to harden and become structurally adequate for support of large structures and foundations has caused, grout injection to become extremely popular in the renovation field.