What are Grilles?

Definition of Grilles in Construction
Removable wood, vinyl or aluminum dividers, that are installed over the entire glass panel of a window or door. The grilles are easily removable to allow cleaning and to simulate true divided lite assembly on the window or door unit. Grilles are common in residential construction, especially in more traditional architectural designs. In some instances, grilles are designed and installed within fixed interior glazing for architectural effect. Grilles are also called mutins or even window dividers. The use of a grillage in a window was required to accommodate the ability of glass suppliers, years ago, to connect their largest pieces of glass. The ability to manufacture large and open expanses of glass without the need to connect separate panels is a relatively modern technique. Therefore the use of grills, mutins, dividers, etc. were necessary to allow any large expanse of window to be glazed. Grilles are available in wood, vinyl, aluminum and other synthetic p materials.