Green Roof

What is a Green Roof?

Definition of a Green Roof in Construction

A green roof indicates a relatively new type of landscaping that occurs on a building’s rooftop. Made popular in the larger cities, where open space is at a premium, a green roof is an assembly of specifically designed plants that are installed on the roof. The installation can be a system of pedestals that allow the plants to be elevated off the roof itself to prevent damage to the roofing material. In other cases, the design of the structure can be customized to accommodate planting beds and containers that are specifically designed to have plants, shrubs and trees planted within them. A green roof must be carefully designed and engineered to allow the proper loading of the roof as well as the proper drainage of the planting beds to ensure structural integrity of the entire roof structure. The openness of a green roof to all of the elements, allows substantial water accumulation, as well as an intense exposure to the sun. Both circumstances must be carefully evaluated and designed, to prevent over loading of the roof structure due to accumulation of water, as well as deterioration of the landscape material due to the sunlight.