Grease Trap

What is Grease trap ?

Definition of Grease trap in Construction
A structure, tank or vessel designed to catch grease that may accumulate in effluent from a structure.

In many cases the sanitary connection from the kitchen of a commercial structure is required to have a grease trap, to trap the grease, prior to its exiting into the sanitary lines. A grease trap functions due to the proper placement of the piping into the trap and the piping exiting the grease trap which allows the grease to either float to the top dependent upon the design or settle to the bottom of the tank. The use of a grease trap and the design of the proper type must be analyzed to ensure that the trap is functioning properly. Grease traps need periodic maintenance and must be cleaned of the accumulated grease on a predetermined schedule. The accumulation of grease and material is based upon the usage of the sanitary line leading into the grease trap. If the line is exiting a busy industrial or commercial kitchen, the maintenance of the trap is more frequent than if the usage is sporadic and inconsistent.