Granite Curb (GC)

What is a Granite Curb (GC)?

Definition of a Granite Curb (GC) in Construction

Granite curbing is used as an edging for pavement, sidewalks, patios, etc. There are several options for curbing such as asphalt, concrete or even a brick curbing. Granite curbing is in most cases, the most expensive curbing available and is available in different sizes and shapes. Standard granite highway edging or curbing normally consists of long pieces of granite that are custom made to accommodate the layout of the pavement, or the hard surfaces being accommodated. This type of granite curbing is a totally custom material that requires design documents, shop drawings and approval status, prior to the manufacturing of the curbing and the delivery to the jobsite. There are also other types of granite curbing, which is supplied in landscape supply stores which consist of smaller, common sizes that can be purchased and installed as a curbing. Belgium block is granite curbing that is supplied in various smaller lengths. This curbing is normally installed into a concrete foundation that supports the individual granite pieces.