What is Glulams?

Definition of Glulams in Construction
Term used to designate a wood beam, that is created by laminating several layers of wood with adhesive, and compressed to form structural members.

Glulams can be created with architectural finishes from industrial grade to finish grade. Glulam beams are used for several different types of construction, and dependent upon the structure, can be left exposed, or concealed as required. The fire rating of many of the larger glulam beams is high, therefore the use of exposed glulam beams within congregating structures, such as churches and schools is commonplace. Glulam beams are also used for industrial applications, such as salt sheds, large equestrian barns, etc. Architects enjoy the ability to customize the look and shape of glulam beams when designing architectural projects. Their strength and appearance are very popular, and in many situations, there cost is more economic than other methods of supporting a large and open structures.