Glazing Tape

What is Glazing Tape ?

Definition of Glazing Tape in Construction
Double sided adhesive tape, which is installed on the rabbeted perimeter of a sash. The double sided tape adheres to the glass as well as the sash frame, normally on all four sides and secures the glass into the frame. Glazing tape is used in many instances to initially secure the glass in the frame and then a glazing bead of material such as a wood, vinyl or aluminum strip is installed on the top of the glazing bead to permanently install the glass panel. If a rigid glazing bead is not used, then glazing compound is installed over the glazing tape to permanently seal the perimeter of the glass frame. It is important that the joint at the perimeter of the glass panel is as moisture resistant as possible and that the seal is as permanent as can be accomplished. A good glazing job with tape and bead will allow the glass panel to permanently remain, unless the glass is broken, for years.