Glazing Compound

What is a Glazing Compound?

Definition of Glazing Compound in Construction
Glazing compound is a soft and flexible material used in the glazing of a window pane. This material is a caulk like flexible material and is applied with a putty knife. The putty knife is used to force the glazing compound into the void where the glass panel meets the window frame. The use of a putty knife to actually smooth the surface of the glazing compound is a technique that requires skill and experience. Knowledgeable glaziers, have the capability of installing the glazing compound in a manner that makes the appearance of the glazed window look both professional and permanent. In most cases the completed glazing joints are painted to match the decor of the structure. Old manufacturing structures were enclosed with metal grids that accepted separate small panels of glass. These metal grids spanned the entire facade of the manufacturing facility allowing light to enter the interior. This method of enclosing the exterior of a large structure was affordable and allowed the individual replacement of smaller pieces of glass whenever they were broken. In this type of system, the use of glazing compound was extensive and all of the small panes of glass were held in the metal grid system with glazing compound.