Glazing Bead

What is a Glazing Bead?

Definition of Glazing Bead in Construction
Trim pieces of wood, vinyl or aluminum that are installed around the perimeter of the sash or frame, to secure the glass in the sash or frame. Glazing bead is installed with small nails, staples, or specialty designed clips. The glazing bead is designed to fit into the sash or frame and create an architecturally pleasing appearance. A proper glazing bead should securely install the glass panels while blend with the entire presentation to match the adjacent trim pieces and marry into the entire assembly. In some cases, the glazing bead maybe embedded with a silicone caulk or compound to ensure that the bead is fully and completely installed. Many times the removal of the glazing bead will destroy the actual glazing bead and new material will have to be installed. Glazing bead is also a reference to the caulking of a window perimeter with glazing compound. This final application of the glazing compound as well as the finishing of the surface of the compound is in many instances referred to as the glazing bead of the window pane.