Glazed Brick & Block

What is Glazed Brick & Block?

Definition of Glazed Brick & Block in Construction
Process that applies a glazing to the surface of the masonry unit to enhance its appearance and durability.

A glazed block is normally a special color block and is, many times, different in shape and texture. The glazing effect is used in common areas of large municipal structures where there is the need for an architectural finish, without the expense of specific, more costly finishes, such as granite, stone, ceramic tiles, etc. Glazed block requires a very competent mason to order and coordinate the precise numbers of blocks, shapes and sizes to accommodate the structure. Glazed block is substantially more expensive that normal masonry units and is usually custom made as specified. The use of glazed block produces a much more finished appearance than standard block finishes and its ability to withstand substantial abuse is exceptional. Although glazed block was used extensively in the past, its usage has diminished and has been replaced with more contemporary finishes.