Glass Size (Gs)

What is a Glass Size (Gs) ?

Definition of Glass Size (Gs) in Construction
The actual size of the glass, and not only the visible or daylight glass. Any insertion of the glass into mounting grooves or stops, installed on the sash, must be included, when specifying the GS or glass size. These dimensions of glass, would be the dimensions that are required to properly order a replacement piece of glass and are measured from the exterior edge to the exterior edge of the glass. The glass size is not used to calculate the solar gain or the energy usage requirements of a structure. The dimension required for these calculations is the visible or the daylight glass. If the glass is required to embed itself 2 inches on either side of the visual glass, then the actual glass size of ( GS ) will be bigger by 4 inches in each direction. Glass size is an important dimension and is the sizes of the glass that are usually maintained within the maintenance department of a building for replacement information.