Glass Block

What is a Glass Block?

Definition of Glass Block in Construction
A unit, similar to a masonry unit, but constructed in glass. Glass block is used as an architectural feature that allows a diffused light into the interior of the structure without visual clarity. Used for privacy features as well as interior design accommodations the use of glass block is a popular means of inexpensive architectural expression. The use of glass block on exterior walls to allow some diffused light into a space or the use of the glass block to separate large open interior spaces is a common design feature of the usage of glass block. Special enclosures such as shower enclosures can also be constructed of glass block. Glass block can be obtained in different surface textures, various degrees of obscurity and in different colors for specialized architectural presentation. The use of glass block in signage panels, illuminated address identification panels and even as their own type of art form are creative methods of utilizing glass block.