Gantt Chart

What is Gantt Chart?

Definition of Gantt Chart in Construction
A method of scheduling that incorporates the use of a bar chart as a means of scheduling.

The Gantt chart is a simple bar chart and is usually developed on an excel spreadsheet. A simply process of updating the gantt chart is to simply hang a vertical string on the face of the wall mounted chart with a weighted string, which hangs vertically on the date the schedule is being evaluated. In this manner the chart can be visually evaluated by all subcontractors on the project and the use of sticky notes can be adhered to the face of the schedule to identify the progress on the project. The bar chart is a simple means of analyzing the process of the project, however does not allow a clear analysis of the critical path of the project or activities and items that will influence the critical path. Although preferred by many contractors and subcontractors, due to its simplicity, the use of a gantt chart is a limiting tool when it comes for formal and precise scheduling. In many instances, this type of chart is used to analyze separate activities within a CPM ( Critical Path Method ) schedule. In this manner the incorporation of both types of scheduling methods produces a clear and concise tool for schedule analysis.