What is Galvanized?

Definition of Galvanized in Construction
The process of applying a zinc coating on steel to improve the durability of the steel.

Commonly used on lintels, expansion bolts, anchors and inserts, that will be subjected to moisture deterioration, etc. Custom steel products must be sent to a galvanizer to provide this protection. The galvanizing process will produce a product that is extremely resistant to any rusting or deterioration. The use of galvanized steel however must be carefully handled so that the galvanizing is not compromised. The galvanizing of a steel product is not throughout its mass, but only a surface layer of galvanizing. If this surface layer is compromised by being hit or nicked, there is a possibility of rusting and deterioration. To solve this issue of maintenance, there is a product called cold galvanizing, which is applied like a paint and can be used to patch and cover any blemishes that may occur on the galvanized surface.