What is a Gable?

Definition of a Gable in Construction

Gable is the end of a pitched roof. For example, a standard pitched roof has the sides of the roof that are located at the bottom of the pitched portion of the roof. These sides are normally called the eaves of the roof. The other two sides of the structure that appear like triangles are considered the gables of the structure.

If a dormer is installed within a roofing system, normally, if the dormer consists of two pitched sides of the roof, this dormer will terminate in an end gable. Gables are important architectural features, and are in many cases distinguished from the remainder of the structures siding application, by a specialized siding, special window treatment or architectural trim packages. Gables will have the tendency to make the structure more interesting, especially if there are several dormers within a long expanse of roof that present the façade of several gables along this roofline.